My name is Cristian and I am a programmer living in Asturias, Spain. I work at Bizneo HR.

I am mainly interested in backend development and SaaS applications. I’ve been working professionally with Elixir since 2017. Aside of Elixir I also love Ruby and PHP, which I’ve used professionally since 2014.

When I am not at the computer I love doing sports and, in particular, martial arts. I am a 3rd dan blak belt at Genseiryū Karate, which I’ve been training since I was four years old. Lately I’ve been training Brazilian jiu-jitsu, where I currently have a blue belt.

You can check my GitHub and LinkedIn profiles. If you want to get in touch you can send me an email.

Open source contributions

Here are some of my open source projects:

  • Trans: embedded translations for Elixir. Allows you to manage and query translations embedded into schemas and removes the necessity of maintaining extra tables only for translation storage.
  • Elixir Bun: mix tasks for installing and invoking Bun. Drop in replacement for Esbuild that comes with a bundler, test runner and Node-js compatible package manager.

I’ve also contributed to some other Elixir projects such as Faker, Hex.pm, Phoenix HTML, Phoenix LiveView, Elixir LS, Waffle, Beam Telemetry, Ueberauth Microsoft, NextLS, Polymorphic Embed and Timex.

Aside from Elixir I’ve also contributed to projects written in different languages such as Sermepa (PHP), NoCMS - Blocks (Ruby) and Import O Matic (Ruby).

You can also take a look at my GitHub profile for a more detailed view.